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Spring is in the Air

By Pastor Glenn DeSilva

April 22, 2023

Everywhere I turn spring is in the air! Eleanor Farjeon penned these words in 1931, “Morning has broken like the first morning, blackbird has spoken like the first bird. Praise for the singing! Praise for the morning! Praise for them springing fresh from the Word! Just as spring brings renewal, the Word of God brings renewal, revitalization, and rebirth to the children of God. In this Pastor’s Corner I will be sharing a variety of news, thank you notes, and events that our church needs to be aware of.
Last Sabbath, Michelle and I attended a Marriage retreat with some other couples from CPC sponsored by the Family Life Department of the Ontario Conference. The weekend was an investment in our marriages. Our relationships were refreshed and our commitment to each other was strengthened. I am so in love with my better half that I finally said yes to a new addition to the family. Michelle has wanted a dog for such a long time and finally her wish has come true. The DeSilva family has been increased by one with the addition of Mitsey (Mitts) a one-year-old Pomsky. A Pomsky is a cross between a Pomeranian and a Husky. Every morning and evening Michelle and I are getting exercise by walking Mitsey around our neighborhood.
Speaking of last Sabbath, I understand that our young people in Pathfinders did an excellent job leading out in the Sabbath worship service. We are so blessed when our young people can have the opportunity to serve and lead out, it reveals the truth that our church values it’s youth and they have a part to play in sharing the Gospel. We must continue to support this ministry and their plans for the International Camporee in Gillette, Wyoming in the summer of 2024.
Today, our young people from College Park Elementary School (CPES) will lead out in the worship service at CPC. They have already led out in worship at Bowmanville SDA and after CPC they will visit New Life and Durham Filipino SDA. Michelle and I are so thankful for our parents who invested in us by providing an Adventist Christian Education experience. Our parents truly understood the concept of investing for eternity. I would like to send a shout-out to the teachers and staff at CPES for their service and their commitment. Our teachers go beyond just educating our young people for service below, but they are also committed to preparing them for heaven above. Increasingly, the education that this world offers is devoid of Biblical values as found in God’s Word. These values encourage us to love God first and our love for God will prompt us to love and encourage one another.
Help is needed on Sunday morning at 10am for a spring cleaning of our Church. Raymond Giguere is coordinating the cleaning of our sanctuary. Volunteers are needed to clean pews, dust furniture and clean windows. This refresh happens every spring and the cleaning effort is a simple way of telling God that we cherish and honour His house. I will coordinate the grounds clean up. On Thursday Pastor Rui and I aerated the lawns for both ACS and CPC. On Sunday, we will need to rake the lawns, lay grass seed, and spread screened topsoil over the lawns. These little acts of service save our church valuable funds that can be redirected to frontline ministry initiatives in sharing the gospel.
Finally, I conclude with a spring thought from nature. On Wednesday evening I will begin a spring prayer meeting series entitled “Secrets of the Vine” based on Christ’s teaching in John 15. Scripture reminds us that our strength comes from abiding in Christ. Without this connection to Christ, the “true vine” we are incapable of living a fulfilling, successful Christian life. This series will be presented in hybrid form, meaning in- person attendees in the Connections Room and online via Zoom. This series promises to be life-changing midweek study/prayer gathering and I am extending an invitation to whosoever hears, let them come. All are welcomed. As the buds shoot out of the ground, as the birds begin to sing again, I say to the Laodicean church of scripture, wake up and be revived!