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By: Pastor Darren Godsoe

February 3, 2024


ou can’t imagine with how much excitement I have been anticipating the opportunity to share with you about how I attained a high score of 5 – yes 5! – last Saturday night playing corn hole at the games night at the elementary school gym.  Ok, ok, I suppose I should also report that Raymond Giguere scored 21 and won the match.  And I suppose I should also mention that he was playing that match with his non-dominant left hand.  Still – how about those 5 points I got!  Now in the match against him when he was using his right hand to throw, the final score was a respectable 21 to 1 (just to clarify in case you were uncertain, Raymond was the one who scored 21).  I am actually probably most proud of that one point – I consider it a victory.  And I refuse to consider the possibility that Raymond may have been subconsciously merciful to me to allow me that one point.  Rather, I expect it was the result of my expertise and skill . . . or something like that.

     Anyways, thank you to our social committee leadership for providing the opportunity for some exercise, food, games and fun.  This Saturday night, the venue (and the stakes?) are higher as our Social Committee has rented the Kingsway gym for a sports night.  Just as I was graduating from Kingsway College and about to move away from Oshawa to go to university, it was announced that this amazing new gym was going to be built.  So now, finally, after almost four decades, I am looking forward to getting the chance to actually play in the new gym.  Whether you are one who enjoys being actively in the game out on the court, or you find your skills and interests more suited to spectating, I hope you will consider spending some time with your church family at the KC gym.  And if you have a friend or neighbour who may enjoy the activities, this is a great non-threatening event to invite them to join.

     Today and next Sabbath we have the privilege of witnessing a baptism here at College Park.  I want to express appreciation to our elders from this church for studying and journeying with individuals as they consider and prepare for baptism.  And a special thank you to Pastor DeSilva for making himself available immediately after returning from a trip to do the baptizing.  Xander, we congratulate you in taking this most important step, and we welcome you as you transition to full membership within the College Park Church family.